NAS recently concluded our Aceania Regional Distributors Conference. The event was held in Singapore on 15th and 16th November 2012.

On Day 1, invited guests and partners from Asean, South Asia and Oceania region gave presentations during the conference to share their achievements of 2012 and their strategic plans for 2013 and beyond.

(Mr. Masahiko Ide, MD of NAS addressing the participants)

Top senior management staffs from Nichiyu Japan also graced the event. Mr. Kyoichi Haizaki, (Executive Vice President of Nippon Yusoki Co., Ltd Sales & Marketing Division) gave a keynote speech during the conference to encourage all parties to achieve better result for next year.

(Mr. Kyoichi Haizaki, Executive VP of NCY Sales & Marketing Div. giving keynote speech)

New updates on Nichiyu Thailand factory and new products were shared and informed among all partners. Footages on the first NICHIYU Service Skills Contest held in Shanghai were shown to all participants. Good after sales service is critical and will play a positive role in promoting Nichiyu products.

On Day 2, all guests visited NAS premise for Product Evaluations on new FBT 80 series and OEM Class III. Hands-on of the trucks were available so that the participants can gauge the overall performance.

(Product evaluations in NAS premise)

Nichiyu FBT 80 series, three-wheeler counterbalanced truck recently received 'Good Design' award of Japan. This award recognised good quality, ergonomics design and balanced product features.

(Group Photo 2 - NAS premise)