Our International Product Support Initiatives

Nichiyu’s head office currently has workers posted on assignment to company bases in China, Southeast Asia, Oceania and Europe, where they provide dealers and customers with service assistance.

The Overseas Product Support Section of our head office responds to requests from dealers in other countries by providing responses to service inquiries, handling claims, selling spare parts, compiling service data, and providing service training. These full-time service personnel are assigned by region in order to provide responses to service inquiries.

As for spare parts, we opened a new parts center inside of head office at the end of 2007. We stock parts at our international bases in Singapore and France and are strengthening our system so that we can immediately deliver needed spare parts to customers worldwide. Moreover, we are enriching our service data, improving the quality of our service training, and providing our training worldwide in order to ensure service of ever-higher quality.

At the same time, we attend service meetings at our dealers outside Japan in order to seek the opinions of our customers and dealers face-to-face. In this way, we are proactively collecting information. Recently, our marketing outlets have expanded in Russia, South Korea, the Middle East, and Central and South America. We intend to create a service support system that our customers around the world will consider “100% Nichiyu” while we consider how best to satisfy our customers and win them over with our usual swift response to their repair needs.


2007 Ranking of World Forklift Manufacturers

The German magazine dhf recently released its annual ranking of world forklift manufactures. For the 2007 ranking, Nichiyu held the 14th position.