The Platter Reach Forklift Truck: A Half-Century of Innovation

Nichiyu invented the Platter reach forklift truck, our flagship product, in Japan in 1958. This year we mark the 50th anniversary of this popular product.

The Platter was so named because it was commonly used on train station platforms in the years following its development. This name has been adopted throughout Japan as the generic name for the reach forklift truck.

Nichiyu boosts a wide assortment of models with capacities ranging from 0.9 to 4 metric tons. It is available in numerous variations including a side-loading model, multidirectional model, and a cold environment specification. Sales exceed 170,000 units during the 50 years this product has been in production.

We began exporting the Platter around 1965. It has long been a top-selling product and has been widely adopted in many countries, primarily in Asia, as the optimal truck for handling cargo inside warehouses.