NAS Aceania Distributors Conference, Shanghai - CHINA

In October, 2010, we hold our distributors conference in Shanghai China. It was held in Galaxy Hotel in Shanghai on 25th October 2010 for a day event. The overall event was successful with all distributors and dealers participation. There are also newcomers from India. Our parent company, Nippon Yusoki, boosted the morale of our distributors with speech and presence of top management staffs :Mr. Kyoichi Haizaki, Managing Director-Sales and Marketing Division of Nichiyu Japan.

Open discussions, presentations, feedbacks, exchange ideas etc has made our conference meaningful for all distributors with the conference theme of the Sales Promotion on the NFS models. With the sharing of information, we foresee distributors are able to exploit many useful tactics for their activities in their territory, whether in management or sales. After the day, great enjoyment throughout the dinner session lasted for about 3 hours with heavy cheers and toast for all for a stronger bond. It shows our NAS network focus on work harder for the coming months and years.

We quickly rush on to another destination to visit Nichiyu Forklift (Shanghai) new workshop facility. It is a good experience for our distributors to learn from different market set-up. The correct manner to provide prompt and good after sales service in our business it of utmost importance for customer satisfaction. Distributors are able to apply the recommended and suitable workshop requirements in their own premises.


CEMAT Asia was held in New Shanghai International expo coincide with our conference time. Thus, arrangement was made for all distributors to pay a visit for their exposure to experience the difference between their own country and China exhibitions. There were many new China's manufacturers showcased their MHE products, giving edge on what are the competition we are facing in the future when China's products storm into our regions.


We conclude the success of our conference and look forward to strengthen the relationship with our regional partners to expand our Nichiyu's brand, market share and good after sales service to give competitive edge to our competitors.